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 “GLOBAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT” SP LTD purchased the controlling package of shares in “GRAND BANSKO SPA-HOTEL” JSC with Uniform Identification Code 200922051 and the registered capital of the company amounts to 13 167 680 BGN. The company is the owner of “Grand Bansko SPA Hotel” that consists of two interrelated parts. At the time of purchasing the shares, the aparthotel was completed to the stage of Deed 15. Via construction company “INTERBUILD ENGINEERING” SP LTD we completed “Grand Bansko Phase II” and commissioned it. The completion of “Grand Bansko Phase I” is forthcoming, the unification of the two parts and turning them into luxurious 5-star hotel that consists of nearly 260 apartments, studios, maisonettes, reception office, SPA centre, bars, restaurants etc.

Luxury Beach Resort in Greece

We are negotiating for a beach plot in Greece as we plan to build a Luxury Beach Resort. The project which is under development concerns the construction of a hotel unit complex, consisting of luxorious villas and hotel rooms. 


“GLOBAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT” SP LTD personally or via its subsidiaries purchased the public parts and the majority of the apartments of the complex "CROWN BANSKO", which was intended and constructed as 5-star aparthotel. At present the complex was constructed to the stage of Deed 15 and we are negotiating with the other owners in order to unite our efforts and complete the aparthotel, its commissioning and turning into operational 5-star hotel that consists of 215 studios, apartments and maisonettes, night club, restaurants, SPA centre etc.